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The ‘power grab’ is an act of immorality by the major Building Construction Bodies who continue to pretend they are experts in fire, as many fake Fire Engineers from their ranks are also doing. Low level fire consultants who are simply poor standard are grabbing the money, they are incapable of making such serious judgments on this matter. The Bodies are going to train 200 of these non-fire experts a month to resolve the huge shortfall in fire experts in the UK. Who are they kidding? Meanwhile the housing sector does not know who to believe.

The fire experts in this country come from those with years of experience, training and knowledge, not from the Building construction agencies, but from a handful of real ex operation and serving Fire Engineers who have fought real fires. There are still great operational people out there, but they are not fire safety trained and are not Fire Engineers either. This trend follows years of underfunding and lowering of standards at the large fire training colleges to a point where few senior officers are given that higher standard of training to take command of larger fires.

The new HSE team will be formed by who? What background of incompetence will they have?

Did the situation just get worse after yet another massive shock about false BS 8414 test data last week? This now places doubts about the insured value of thousands of buildings with the insulation installed under the now false test data evidence.

When will those with a voice speak up about what is safe and inherently correct, not simply cost and jobs for the boys.

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  • Stephen Mackenzie
    21 January 2021 10:17 pm

    Sadly from the #Hackitt review which on 6 O’Clock ITV news i called “a bastardised wish list …. which would be cost prohibitive to implement”

    to the great sector carve up, ambulance chasers, fraudsters and worse the post Grenfell crisis response is rudderless

    Govuk has missed opportunities to conduct a national fire risk audit, just as the Australian – Victoria Building Authority commenced in autumn 2017 & not we have calamitous EWS1 and a free for all as the professional bodies jockey for position, the mercenaries and profiteers invade the market.

    True professionalism and expertise is hard gain – not won – gained through formal education, vocational training, professional practice and experience – not a short online course or tickbox methodology.

    It’s time to put a stop order on this madness starting with GOVUK flight of fancy tinkering with the fire order via the fire Bill & the god awful inbound building safety bill that stalled in pre legislative scrutiny.

    As I exclaimed during the one MHCLG Hackitt pilot workshop I did manage to attend. I’m an embedded consultant with a Local Authority – put Hackitt on hold for 3-5yrs, give me a stabilisation strategy with funds, resources, capacity and capability to recover decades of fire safety failures in the existing stock + this cladding crisis + the busy day job with 40,000-60,000 dwellings & 200-300 highrise over six story & current resource of one + two data processors. Needless to say I wasn’t invited back but are advising another regional government on a parallel public interest case as one of the fire experts.

    Grenfell was the epicentre of the earthquake but not we have a tsunami of shock and stressors radiating out impacting more buildings, hundred, thousands, tens of thousands and millions of families.

    The crisis response has failed its distracted by fools follies and its criminal that public safety has been lost in the sector carve up and profit pursuit.

    I am dyslexic so please see pas the errors to realise the message within.

    Former London Branches: vice chair Emergency planning Society – London Branch & Chair National Association of Healthcare Fire Officers.


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