Fire Training

FSEC offer a full range of fire training options. Fire Training can be undertaken at your premises, at a hired venue or virtually.

We offer training throughout the country with our experienced, fully qualified Fire Safety officers. At FSEC we have a wealth of real fire operational experience with 6 trainers of ex-operational backgrounds and have provided fire training for over 12 years UK wide to
many clients including Blue Chip companies.

General fire awareness

An awareness of how to correctly handle a fire extinguisher can be a matter of life or death. Our practical general fire awareness course explains and demonstrates the best practice of fire extinguishers, practical uses, understanding different types and when and the best procedures in the event of a fire. This course can be offered at your premises, in a hired venue or we can now offer the course virtually. Please note the virtual version of the course does not include the ability for participants to practice with fire extinguishers.

Fire warden

Fire warden training can take place at your premises, a hired venue or virtually. Every business needs nominated fire wardens in order to be fire safety compliant. The course can be undertaken in just four hours and allows the participants to be competent in

  • Risk assessments
  • Emergency evacuations
  • Training colleagues in fire safety training.
  • Assembly point training

Once trained, your fire marshals will be able to conduct all future risk assessments; speed up emergency evacuations; and provide other employees with fire safety training. They’re an essential investment for any company.

Evacuation and escape route training

The evacuation and escape route training teaches the nominated person how to implement the fire action plan and gives them adequate training in fire-fighting and evacuation procedures. On completion of this course they will be confident on their actions in:

Fire evacuation strategy, Action on discovering a fire, Identification of key escape routes, Action on hearing the fire alarm, Calling the fire brigade, Power isolation, Fire wardens/marshals, Places of assembly, Maintaining a register, Training required, Personal Evacuation Plans and Liaising with emergency services

If you are looking to book a training course for an individual or a group call us and we can arrange this at a convenient time for you.